How I’ve decorated my uni room ♡

I am fully aware that university started over 2 months ago and I am very behind with this post (OOPS), but it's taken me a while to get my room exactly how I want it. If you're reading this and you've also made a blog post on your uni room, paste the link in the comments… Continue reading How I’ve decorated my uni room ♡

Christmas Wish List 2017

It's that time of the year again - YAY! I've seen Christmas Wish List blog posts everywhere at the moment, which inspired me to create my own! Although I would love anything on this list, this post is just for fun and shouldn't be taken as a realistic representation of a Christmas list. The real… Continue reading Christmas Wish List 2017

Blogtober, Day 31, HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: 5 Horror Films On Netflix (UK) To Watch This Halloween

To make this easier, Netflix have created their own category dedicated to Halloween - 'Halloween Favourites'. I don't want to write too much about them because I don't want to spoil! But here are my favourites:  Freddy VS Jason: An American action slasher film; a fued between two of the most well known slasher serial… Continue reading Blogtober, Day 31, HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: 5 Horror Films On Netflix (UK) To Watch This Halloween

Blogtober, Day 25: Skincare Routine

I'd be lying if I said I had a strict 'skincare routine' that I stuck to day in day out. It all depends on what I'm doing and where I am, plus I change the products I'm using frequently because I love trying out new stuff (who doesn't?!). But generally, I go through the process… Continue reading Blogtober, Day 25: Skincare Routine

Blogtober, Day 13: Why Is Friday The 13th Considered Unlucky?

When I first set myself post ideas for each day of October as part of this monthly challenge, I was completely unaware that the 13th of October fell on a Friday - making it supposedly one of the unluckiest days of the year.  As a result, I've changed my blog post idea for today ('A… Continue reading Blogtober, Day 13: Why Is Friday The 13th Considered Unlucky?

Back To Uni: Stationary Haul

Happiness is shopping for new stationery.  Cactus Folder, Wilkos, £1.25 each Cactus folder - I prick you! This minimalistic, green and natural coloured cactus print folder was without a doubt the prettiest on the shelf. Lined Notepads, Paperchase, £6.00 each At £6.00 each, these are pricier than your standard notepad (but well worth it). With at least… Continue reading Back To Uni: Stationary Haul