Blogtober, Day 23: Curious Manor, Food and Drink Emporium

From my experience, spontaneity always creates the best memories and my unplanned visit to the Curious Manor was a prime example of this. We were merely wondering around looking for somewhere to sit down and grab a casual drink when we stumbled across the Curious Manor in Trinity Square, Nottingham. From the outside, it appeared… Continue reading Blogtober, Day 23: Curious Manor, Food and Drink Emporium

Blogtober, Day 15: My Favourite Recipe

As a student and not exactly the best cook, Prawn Paella is a super quick and easy (but really nice) meal. It also makes a tonne, which is good if you're cooking for your flat, or to spread across a few days if you're just cooking for yourself. I don't reheat the paella on the… Continue reading Blogtober, Day 15: My Favourite Recipe