NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Review

I recently received my second Hashtag Blogger product to review – the NYX Jumbo Eye pencil in shade 621A Pure Gold. The product is a creamy eyeliner pencil that doubles up as a shadow and as someone who has never really been into cream eyeshadows – I was looking forward to trying something out of my norm.

Just a heads up before writing this post, in no way (what so ever) am I a makeup artist, I am simply providing a review of the product as ya average girl who enjoys makeup  🙂

Soooo…the product swatched really well (pictured below) and my initial impressions were that I LOVED the colour. Golds and coppers are really complementary for blue eyes so it was a perfect match for me.

Swatch of 621A – Pure Gold.

However, upon application, I had to use quite a bit of product to reach the same level of pigmentation achieved as my swatch. As a result, there was quite a lot of eyelid tugging involved (haha not too sure how else to phrase that) which wasn’t ideal, but nonetheless I loved the way it looked once on.

The product on 🙂

I think these pencils work great for a subtle splash of colour but I wouldn’t recommend them if you’re searching for a deep pigmentation. They would, however, act as a really good base for deeper pigmented eyeshadows to be applied on top.

I do love this product though in the sense that it’s quick, easy and doesn’t need vigorous blending like their powder counterparts – just a few swipes across your lids and you’re good to go! This works for a girl like me who isn’t prepared to spend hours on makeup everyday (huge respect to those of you who do though –  I wish I had the patience).

As expected, after a few hours the product began to crease a little in my lids but in the words of one of my favourite makeup artists – Katie Jane Hughes – when it comes to cream eyeshadows, creasing is pretty much unavoidable. Let’s face it, it’s barely noticeable anyway!

The only thing I am confused about with this product is how to get more of it? You can’t twist it and the casing is plastic so I’m guessing it can’t be sharpened? If anyone knows and I’m just missing something really obvious here – please hit me up! Cause the biggest downfall of the product is that there isn’t much of it!

Hashtag blogger rating score: 7/10

This product retails at £5.50.

Thanks for reading!

Daisy x

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