St Tropez Instant Tan Finishing Gloss

As a lover of St. Tropez tanning products, I am super excited to have received the Instant Tan Finishing Gloss from Hashtag Blogger to try out and review so a huge thank-you for giving me this opportunity!

So let’s get to it.

St. Tropez did not disappoint with this one, upholding its reputation as the holy grail of self tanning products. This lightweight gloss is perfect for enhancing an existing tan and providing an instant bronze boost to keep you glowing all day long. It’s not, however, formulated to deliver a deeper, long lasting tan – I use other products from the brand such as the Everyday Gradual Tan, Self-Tan Bronzing Mousse and Everyday Gradual Face Cream to create that tan that sticks around.

St. Tropez products that I use to create a natural, even tan.

The finishing gloss works its magic by creating an instant high shine effect to make your current tan pop (whether that’s natural or artificial). Fortunately for me at the moment, I’m embracing a post holiday tan so I applied the product using a mitt on my natural tan, achieving instant results!


Above shows just one layer of the product – a grape sized drop on each leg and LOOK AT THAT SHEEN. While the texture is glossy, thankfully I found that it wasn’t greasy or more importantly, sticky, on my skin. I am a bit blown away at how luminous and healthy my legs look and with such quick and easy application, this is the kind of product I will apply lightly on an everyday basis (or whenever I decide to get my legs out) and layer up for a night out.

While it’s not formulated to create a deep tan, it does contain a touch of bronze to deliver a subtle hint of colour and like most instant tanning products, can be easily washed away with soap and water. Yet unlike other tanning products, there is absolutely no dodgy smell (thank goodness) which is probably the biggest bonus of all.

The gloss is very lightweight and a deep bronze in colour.

I applied this product around 8 hours ago and while the sheen isn’t as prominent as it was on immediate application – my skin is still glowing!  This has definitely secured its place in my list of summer beauty essentials and I’m excited to keep my holiday tan looking fresh for as long as possible!

Hashtag Blogger rating score: 9/10.

This product is priced at £12 and is available at Boots and on the St. Tropez Website.

Thanks for reading!

Daisy x





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