What we wish our hair looked like …


And the reality…

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Creating volume. *SIGH*. This is probably one of my top google searches when it comes to hair advice as I’ve always struggled with flat hair. Although my hair is relatively thick and mid-length/long, it’s never been naturally voluminous.

It’s always taken more time than I have, work and effort to get any sort of bounce in my hair and upon leaving the house I’ve always found that it will drop flat within the hour anyway – sound familiar?

I was starting to loose hope and began accepting my fate as someone who is never going to be able to create that ‘big’ hair at home UNTIL SALT Braunton introduced me to this ultimate duo which I can’t rate enough for creating volume both quickly and easily.


This is my all-time favourite hair product and the holy grail of dry shampoo. The use of this product alone takes my volume levels from a weak 4/10 to a solid 9/10.

Flat hair is largely down to natural oils produced at the roots of the hair. Oh Bee Hive combats these oils with it’s mattifying absorbing agent, uplifting my hair to whole new levels and fooling everyone that it’s freshly washed and not three days old (oop).


Use: On a regular basis, I spray this on dry hair (aiming for the roots) and work in with my fingers, followed by lightly brushing through for an instant uplift.

For ultimate volume, Oh Bee Hive works hand in hand with light backcombing. If I’m styling for an occasion, I will section my hair, spray the product on my roots, tease with a backcombing brush and then style my whole head with a curling wand.




Lets just say that the title of this product speaks for itself but the very first thing I noticed was it’s aroma of berries and all things fruitiness – so good that it should be edible

giphy (3)

Superstar Queen for a Day essentially works as an all over hair thickener which is why it’s so compatible with Oh Bee Hive. While Bee Hive targets the roots, this product thickens up everywhere else.

Use: I spray this on damp hair, scrunch through and blow dry.

Tip: I blow-dry my hair upside side for added volume.

When used together, these products are great for creating big wavy hair and the ‘I just shoved this up’ messy bun look which we all know takes at least a good 15 minutes to make imperfectly perfect.


Where to get them?
BEDHEAD products are generally available at any TIGI stocked local salon. Bear in mind that it’s fun to try before you buy to make sure that the products are definitely right for you, which hairdressers will happily let you do.

Thanks for reading and happy hair!

Daisy X

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