Ten reasons why your mum is a best friend for life

With today marking International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day fast approaching, I wanted to dedicate a post to the most inspiring woman in my life – my mum.

The relationship between mother and child is truly special and as a natural bond, sometimes taken for granted, which is why it’s nice sometimes to step back and reflect on all the reasons why mums are so important.

As you grow older, you start to realise that not only has this woman given you life, a home, food on the table, disciplined you and taught you everything you need to know, but she is also your best friend and partner in crime.

Here are ten reasons that prove your mum really is your true BFFL.

1) Lets face it, she knows you better than you know yourself

You can’t hide anything from mum. Whatever it is getting you down, she will sense that something is up and you can pretend that everything is fine, but trust me, she’ll know. Having observed you grow, they’ve learnt everything there is to know about you, perhaps some things we haven’t even discovered about ourselves yet.

2) She makes the best pair of ears

They will always be there to listen, whether your seeking advice or just looking for a good old rant to get things off your chest. They are the person you can confide in without fear of any judgement, and you know that all your secrets are double padlocked with her.

3) You can argue, but the grudge can never last longer than a day

Because life just isn’t the same without mumma.

4) She’s always right about things

As much as we may hate to admit it, mums really does know best about pretty much everything. The best part is that they will never brag I told you so, even though they were right all along, they will just be there at the end of the day to pick you up.

5) You rarely need words because you can communicate in expressions

You’re always on the same wavelength and I’m convinced that there is definitely some kind of natural telepathy between mother and child.

6) She is your biggest fan

No matter what your dreams or goals, how big or small, you’ve always got her support and she’ll always be on the front row cheering you on because in her eyes, you’re already a winner.

7) Your happiness comes before theirs

Your needs come first and they will always go out of their way to ensure your happiness, even if it means sacrificing their own.

8) She hilarious

I’m sure if you try and recall your best memories, most of them will involve your mum in some way or another. That’s because she’s hilarious in her own way. And once you start giggling, that’s it – there’s no hope for any of us.

9) She accepts you the way you are and never makes you feel out of place

She loves you for you, as simple as that.

10) And she loves you unconditionally

No matter what. She’s the rock in your life that you can fall back on, over and over again.

I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I am now without the support of my mum. So thank-you. People are quick to voice negative things, but lets all take a moment to embrace the positive, like all the amazing mothers out there. They are our first friend, at times may have felt like our only friend, and a guaranteed friend for life.

Thanks for reading,

Daisy X


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