Dealing with spot prone skin

If you know me, you’ll know that me and spots go together like peanut butter and jelly. Takeaways, exam period, cheese, chocolate – you know it, will all cause me to break out. Whilst I’ve been trying to avoid these triggers as much as possible, my skin seems to be going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment.

This inspired me to share with you which skincare products I’ve been finding useful at reducing the appearance of these bouts, and also the best makeup products that I’ve come across to cover them up. I know, I know – I should try and ‘let my skin breathe’ when I go outside, but I’m just not quite confident enough with my skin to do so.

I just want to add that what follows is NOT A ROUTINE. I don’t use all these products mentioned every day, else I would probably have no skin left. It’s more of a quick compilation of products that I’ve being finding helpful over this past 6 months or so.

I’d also love to hear what products other people are using in this battle against the blemishes. If you have any recommendations, drop them in the comments below!


As a powerful natural antiseptic, tea tree can work wonders for blemished skin. I’ve written a separate blog post on The Body Shop’s tea tree range, which I have been using to help combat my recent breakouts, so instead of repeating myself – you can check that out here!

I also use Boot’s tea tree cream as a direct treatment on spots.

The Body Shop’s tea tree range. 


Sudocrem is another antiseptic that I find really useful to kill off spots. Sudocrem’s Skin Care Cream is without a doubt my new favourite skincare product – it acts as a really sensitive moisturiser and protective barrier. Again, I’ve done an in depth review on this product which you can read here! 

I also use Sudocrem’s Antiseptic Healing Cream as a direct treatment.



Generally, the job of a face mask is to draw out all impurities which is why for me, they can sometimes be counter productive by causing me to break out. However, one face mask that is working a treat and hasn’t caused me to break out (yet) is Lush’s Cosmetic Warrior. Made with garlic and tea tree (yeah, if you hadn’t guessed already – I’m a bit of a tea tree addict), it admittedly doesn’t smell the best but it’s very gentle and extremely soothing on my troubled skin.

TIP: It needs to be kept in the fridge and has an uncanny resemblance to hummus, so don’t go dipping your carrots in it.

Lush’s Cosmetic Warrior face mask. 


Benefit’s Industrial Strength concealer (BOING)

And it’s called industrial strength concealer for a reason – it’s probably the closest thing to magic that I’ve seen. This little pot gives me any skin confidence that I have so thank-you Benefit. I swear by this for anyone who has trouble with spots and is looking for a concealer than can pretty much make us all believe that they don’t even exist.

Bourjois’s City Radiance foundation. 

Because of my blemished skin, I’m always looking for that high coverage foundation but with a relatively natural finish – nothing too cakey. And this is the closest that I’ve found! The liquid texture doesn’t cling to my spots or cause the area to look dry, which has been the case with other foundations I have used. The liquid texture of this glides over my spots, instead of clinging to them, leaving a nice dewy finish overall.

My favourite makeup products for covering up blemishes. 


This is a new thing for me, so I will have to let you know I get on. I’ve heard good things about Cod Liver Oil and Vitamin C when it comes to clearing up skin, so all my fingers are crossed!



And that’s about it folks in terms of useful products! Again, I would love to hear any other products that people find good at treating and covering up spots!

Thanks for reading,

Daisy X


One thought on “Dealing with spot prone skin

  1. Like you, I really struggle with spot prone skin- it’s so annoying trying to find treatments and suitable makeup isn’t it?! I love Body Shop tea tree products, and Sudocrem, but I will have to try the face mask and makeup! Great post 🙂


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