Why Sudocrem’s Skin Care cream has become an essential part of my skin care

IMG_2745Sudocrem. Aka, the all-round miracle cream that can fix just about anything. Like most, I was smothered in this miraculous nappy rash healer from the very first day I popped into this world. Growing up, it became the go-to cream for just about any minor injury you can think of such as grazes, eczema and sunburn. To this day, I still find myself smothered in it as someone who suffers with spot prone skin and there’s only a few things that I can trust when it comes to directly treating spots, Sudocrem being one of them.

I was recently sent a tube of Sudocrem’s Skin Care cream to try out and I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t heard about it before. I’ve been using Sudocrem’s original Antiseptic Healing cream for months to treat my spots, unaware that they offer a cream specifically designed for young adults suffering with spot prone skin.

The Skin Care cream has the same key ingredients as the original formula so I knew straight away what I was dealing with and that I could trust it. The difference between this cream and the original one is the weighting of the ingredients, resulting in a gentler formula that’s ideal for the face, so gentle that you can reapply it as many times as you like during the day.

IMG_2740 2.JPG
Sudocrem’s Skin Care cream

Although very thick in consistency, I find that it’s not heavy or greasy. It takes a bit of work to rub in, but once it’s rubbed it in – my skin is left feeling velvety and looking a lot happier! I only need a pea sized amount (see above) to cover my whole face, so another bonus is that I know this little 30G tube is going to last me a long time.

I have generally been using the cream twice a day – morning and night, unless I’m wearing no makeup and in that case, I will reapply more frequently.

In the morning, after cleansing, I will apply a thin layer before priming and continuing with the rest of my makeup. Tried and tested, this product doesn’t interfere with the way that makeup sits on my skin, in fact I feel like the smooth barrier it creates on my face acts as a really good preparation for makeup.

In the evening, I will remove my makeup, cleanse, tone and finish with the Sudocrem Skin Care cream as a substitute for moisturiser.

I’ve noticed that since first use, which was 5 days ago now, I haven’t had any recent breakouts (I’m really hoping I didn’t just jinx myself), where usually, every other day I am discovering a new spot somewhere.

I would highly recommend to anyone like me that suffers with combination and spot prone skin. Has anyone else tried this? If so, drop a comment below 🙂

I nearly forgot to say…Another thing that I love about this is the handy size. It’s handbag and even makeup bag friendly so it can stick by your side at all times, which after all – is what a true friend does!


Daisy X


3 thoughts on “Why Sudocrem’s Skin Care cream has become an essential part of my skin care

  1. I didn’t realise they had a specialist skin care cream- I will have to buy this and swap it for the regular sudocrem that I use! Great post 🙂


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