Bigger and bolder brows kit by Benefit

It’s all about brows! And Benefit have a jackpot selection of kits for us to achieve the brows we want. Whether you’re wanting brows that are bigger and bolder, defined and refined or soft and natural, Benefit cosmetics have your back.

As a lover of bold brows, I went with the bigger and bolder brows kit in shade medium and I’m pretty sure I’ve found my perfect brow products, finally.



Inside this kit, you get three full size Benefit brow products alongside some brow stencils which makes the kit amazing value at £31.50.

Contents include: 

  1. ka-BROW! Eyebrow cream and gel colour (shade 3) RRP £20
  2. 24 hr Brow Setter RRP £20
  3. High Brow Glow Highlighter RRP £18.50
  4. 4x brow stencils (2x straight and 2x arched brows)



I used Look 1 of the Arched Brows stencil to help me achieve my perfect brow. Apologies for the bad video quality – this was recorded straight from my iPhone! 

Step 1: Use the stencil to draw the shape of your brow with the ka-BROW cream-gel colour.
Step 2: Use the ka-BROW cream-gel colour in small strokes to fill in the rest of your brow.
Step 3: Use the 24hr Brow Setter to fluff out your brows in the inner corner and stroke through your whole brow to set.
Step 4: Use the High Brow Glow Highlighter to highlight your arches for the finishing touch!

Thanks for reading/watching!

Daisy X





2 thoughts on “Bigger and bolder brows kit by Benefit

    1. I know! When I first bought the kit I didn’t think I would use them but they’re actually so handy and make it so much easier to get a good and even shape for both brows! You definitely should – I love it! X


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