The Body Shop: Tea Tree Skincare

My mum has always sworn by the power of plants and we all know that mumma knows best. It’s common knowledge that tea tree can have huge benefits to your skin, especially if you’re like myself and suffer with blemished skin which has worsened over the festive season, where far too much alcohol and chocolate has been consumed.

We need to thank Australia for this skin miracle, Australian tribes have been using tea tree as a natural healer for thousands of years. But luckily, we don’t have to travel halfway across the world to find it as it’s widely available as an essential oil. I’ve always been loyal to the plant, using tea tree oil on spots, cuts and wounds, so when I discovered The Body Shop’s full tea tree skincare range, it was a must-have.

I’ve tried the tea tree facial wash from The Body Shop before and I got on really well with it, so I’ve now gone all in and purchased four tea tree products.

IMG_1327 2.JPG

I’ve now adopted this routine before bed, in the hope it works some magic on my skin.

  1. Skin clearing foaming cleanser: Ever been to a foam party? With this foaming cleanser, you can have one every night. This acts as a daily facial wash which I use after removing all makeup.
  2. Skin clearing mattifying toner: I use this after cleansing to remove any final traces of makeup and impurities that can clog up the pores. As a mattifying toner, this works well on oily skin – leaving skin feeling super refreshed.
  3. Anti-imperfection night mask: Calling all vegans! This 100% vegan leave on mask works its magic overnight to help achieve clearer skin. Have you ever tried the shower jelly from Lush? If so, then that is exactly what this mask feels like – wobble wobble. You have to look past it’s appearance of a green blob, it really is great! (And great fun to stick your fingers into). I would just like to add that this does contain salicylic acid, so I don’t use this every night but rather every other night or every three days.
  4. Flawless BB Cream: I know I’m not alone in feeling like I’m stuck in a vicious cycle with my skin – covering up spots with makeup – making the spots worse – more covering up… Bleugh. It feels like a never-ending battle. This BB cream, which not only combines the qualities of a a foundation with the power of a moisturising skincare product, also uses tea tree to aid the healing of blemished skin.

Huge thanks to The Body Shop for this range!

Daisy X



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