Marks and Spencers Advent Calendar Review (Day 16-20)

I’m currently sat in my comfies, prosecco in one hand and chocolates in the other which is exactly why I love Christmas Eve! I hope everyone has a LOVELY christmas and gets spoilt with the un-materialistic things that matter.

Day Sixteen
Percy and Reed Session Hold Hairspray 50ml
RRP £4.80 per 100ml 

What’s not to love about this miniature hairspray! Ideal for nights out, short breaks away or just to pop in your bag for emergencies. What I like about this particular hairspray is that it is very fine and doesn’t cause clumpy hair.

TIP: I also like to use the quickest burst of hairspray on my face to set my makeup and this does the job amazingly (just remember to close your eyes and not to breathe). I probably should invest in some more fixing spray but this does the trick so well I might just re-invest in this instead because there’s nothing better than a multi-functioning product. Killing two birds with one stone there.


Day Seventeen
Ren Clean Skincare Instant Firming Beauty Shot 10ml
RRP £120 per 100ml 

This cooling clear gel felt really nice to apply to my skin, leaving it really super refreshed. The great thing about this is it’s multiple uses – you can apply it before makeup followed by moisturiser or on top of your makeup throughout the day, which I admittedly haven’t tried but I’ve read it doesn’t ruin your makeup as long as you pat don’t rub!

IMG_0258 2

Day Eighteen
Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion 50ml
RRP £15.60 per 100ml

Can anyone think of a nice word for slimey? Because that’s the only way I can describe the texture of this lotion. It feels slimey, but in the best way. It glides over your skin and mine sucked this up like a sponge. It’s great if you’re suffering with really dry skin, but not if you’re looking for a nice smelling lotion as there isn’t really much fragrance to it. It’s what I like to call a practical product and it’s another one I am going to be buying the full version of as soon as I run out. My skin loves it!


Day Nineteen
Leighton Denny Glitter Nail Polish, 12ml
RRP £12

Well this one speaks for itself – just look at it! This works great on it’s own or over the top of any nail polish to add sparkle to any colour. One coat does the job,  but two coats and your nails will be glowing. This might not be everyones cup of tea but if you’re like me and love anything sparkly, then this is a winner.



Day Twenty
Pixi Lip Lift max sheen in Honey, 1g
RRP £12. 

This moisturising lip plumper comes in three colours and calendar holders were lucky enough to receive the shade in Honey. I use this over the top of lipsticks to add a sheen and I am super impressed by it’s non-sticky and nourishing qualities. It also has a menthol smell and taste – yum.


And that’s a wrap for this post! The last of these five posts (Day 21-25) will be up shortly. You can view my previous posts about the products inside this beauty advent calendar below.

Day 1-5
Day 6-10
Day 11-15

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas!

Daisy x

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