Marks and Spencers Beauty Advent Calendar (Day 11-15)

Day Eleven
Look Good Feel Better Sculpting Sponge 
RRP £7.49

I must admit, I did have to rack my brains a little about how to review a sponge…but here it goes. As far as makeup sponges go, it is up there with the best. I liken it to the Real Techniques sponge that I used prior to this one because thankfully, it’s not a sponge that steals the makeup instead of applying it which is what I sometimes find with cheaper sponges. There’s nothing worse than squeezing out five pumps of your best foundation for 80% of it to somehow disappear!


Day Twelve 

Alphah Liquid Gold Rose Limited Edition 50ml 
£37 per 100ml 

I’ve heard about the benefits of glycolic acid based products and I have always wanted to try one, but I’ve never got round to it. I know, glycolic acid sounds lethal and like something you shouldn’t be smothering on your face – but in small amounts, it can be very beneficial to your skin. On application, it made my skin feel very dry and tingly which did concern me a little bit, but I read that this sensation is entirely normal. My skin increasingly became smoother as the product began working it’s magic. Where dry skin can cause dullness, small amounts of Glycolic acid removes the top layers from your skin, promoting the production of collagen and elastin (sorry if this is starting to sound like a science lesson).

In short, the ingredients in this product gently resurface your skin and improve it’s texture and appearance through rapid exfoliation. Suitable for all skin types, this is a product that will work for everyone. I’ve used this twice on cleansed skin, followed by moisturiser and noticed that my skin appears less blotchy than usual and significantly brighter!

TIP: If you’re like me and haven’t used acid based products before, start off with small and less frequent amounts until your skin gets used to it! It recommends every other day use, don’t be tempted to use every day, due it’s high acid content this could be counter – productive!

IMG_0223 2

Day Thirteen 
Shay and Blue London Blood Orange Fragrance 
£55 per 100ml 

This reminds me very much of The Body Shop’s Satsuma range of products. Citrus notes aren’t generally something I am drawn to in a perfume, but I was pleasantly surprised at how refreshing this is as a scent. If citrus perfume isn’t something you’re into, one of my followers on Instagram suggested using this product as room spray which I thought was a really good idea! The size makes it ideal to stick in your bag for top-up’s throughout the day or for a short trip away.

IMG_0225IMG_0226 2

Day Fourteen
Emma Hardie Morigna Cleansing Balm
£39 per 100ml

I can’t emphasise enough how good this stuff is – let’s just say I am a changed person and by that I mean that I actually look forward to removing my makeup. I mix this balm with a few drops of warm water to produce a milky liquid that acts as an oil based makeup remover which leaves my skin feeling soft and dewy, followed by moisturiser. To make this even better, you can use the balm on it’s own to double up as a face mask. This is a product that I will be reinvesting in when this runs out as I believe it is fully worth the £39.


Day Fifteen
Ciglione Lash Booster Mascara 
RRP £17

It was really good to receive another mascara in this calendar as a back-up tube of mascara is always useful to have, especially if you wear it on a daily basis. Similar to the Eyeko mascara that I received earlier in the calendar, the product has a nice soft brush for application!

IMG_0230 2IMG_0231 2

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