Marks and Spencers Beauty Advent Calendar Review (Day 6-10)


Hiya everyone, welcome back to my series of blog posts reviewing the M&S Beauty Advent Calendar which I am supeeeeeeer excited about! As a lover of all things makeup, it was nice to see three makeup products in these next five days.

Day Six
Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick 1.5ml in shade Perla
RRP £53.33 per 10ml 

I was very excited when I opened this one as it was the first makeup product in the calendar. I’ve never tried anything from Stila Cosmetics before so I was eager to try this stay all day liquid lipstick in shade Perla. Upon first application, the first thing that struck me was the extremely creamy formula of the product, which certainly didn’t fail at providing an intense coverage.

The colour, a pale pink nude, is one that would suit most and I’m in love with the colour when honestly, I didn’t expect to be. For some reason I veer away from pink based lipsticks,  however I was pleasantly surprised with how much I like this one.

Upon first use, the only thing I found was that it was a little bit drying on my lips, which wasn’t ideal – particularly during winter when my lips suffer the most. To combat this, I applied some Carmex over the top which worked a treat at keeping my lips hydrated but I suppose this does completely defeat the point of a mattifying lipstick as the carmex gave my lips a glossy appearance! I feel like at a time of the year where my lips aren’t so dry, this product would be better for me.


Day Seven
Wild Rose Advanced Repair Sleeping Facial 16ml
RRP £65 per 100ml

This is a really nice overnight hydration product for your face, suitable for all skin types. It smells gorgeous and just like you’d expect – of roses. It’s velvety texture melted into my skin, making it feel super soft the morning after.


Day Eight
Black Magic Mascara Drama and Curl by Eyeko London in shade Carbon Black 4ml 
RRP £25.75 per 10ml

Before anything else, I just want to say that I love the unconventional shape of the packaging from Eyeko London eye makeup. I’ve heard really good things about this award winning mascara so it was a lovely surprise when this one popped out of day eight! It’s really nice to apply because the brush is not only big and soft with fluffy bristles, it also has a curved shape to ensure you reach every lash! I am saving this for when I go on short trips as it’s a very convenient size.


Day Nine
Nailsinc Gel One Coat in shade Molten Star 10ml 
RRP £13 per 10ml

I am instantly sold with anything sparkly, metallic, glittery or iridescent so I am totally in love with this golden nail polish, ideal or Christmas time! Nailsinc is exclusive to M&S and as expected, it is of a really good quality. The benefits of this one coat polish is not only the fact you just need one coat to achieve an intense glossy look (obvious, I know),  but also that it makes the product go further. To top it off, the product is fuelled with Biotin, boosting the strength of your natural nails.


Day Ten 
Radiance Reveal Peel 15ml
RRP £3.50 per 10ml

The Radiance Reveal Peel is the first skincare product in the calendar from the M&S Beauty range and in my opinion, it’s one of the best. Why? It’s different to any other product I’ve used on my face before because you can visibility see results from the offset. During use, I was amazed to see all of the dead skin cells literally being peeled from my skin. At first I thought it was the texture of the gel, but the gel is smooth – what I could actually feel was dead pieces of skin as the peel worked its exfoliating magic. It sounds grim I know, but it just proves how this product fulfils what it says on the tube! The exfoliating properties and the clear gel formula left my skin feeling extremely refreshed and radiant. I then proceeded with my normal skincare routine.


And that brings Day 6 – 10 to a close. Thank-you for reading and check back in around the 15th December for the next post!

You can read about Day 1 – 5 here.

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