Marks and Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar Review (Day 1-5)

I would like to say a massive thank-you to my mum who surprised me with this advent calendar this December – I couldn’t be more grateful and I can’t wait for you to use some of these lovely products with me!  I was going to save this post for Boxing Day as by that point I would have opened all 25 mini houses. However, I have decided to split my product reviews into five smaller posts reviewing five products at a time!

The Marks and Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar is made up of mini houses with a range of products inside, ready to be unboxed each day up until Christmas.

I love the appearance of the advent calendar and what’s great about the products being inside little cardboard houses is that they can be saved and reused! You could even make your own personalised advent calendar for 2018.

So far, I have been surprised at the size of the products. Although they aren’t full size – they are not as mini as I thought they would have been which has been a really nice surprise. In terms of the first five days, the products have been very skin care orientated!


Day One
Amazing Radiance Body Glow tinted lotion by Rosie for Autograph 50ml
RRP £10.42 per 100ml

This is my favourite product of the five that I have opened so far and is probably the product that I am most likely to reinvest in when I run out. Why? It’s perfect to combat winter paleness and it smells of CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle so what’s not to love? This lightly tinted lotion enhances your natural glow and if you’re pale like me then not much is needed, making that product go even further! Although it’s ‘not recommended’ for the face, I did try a tiny bit on my face (I know, bit stupid?), BUT it actually gave my face a really nice dewy glow. If you do use it on your face and it irritates – please don’t hold me to it!


Day Two
Meso Mask Illuminating Face Mask by Filorga 15ml
RRP £80 per 100ml

This is a really nice face mask that almost feels mattifying against your skin. It’s successful in creating plumper, silky smooth skin that appears less fatigued. Although I’m not worrying about wrinkles just yet, this mask is supposed to also be very good at reducing the appearance of those too so it is an all round winner. I applied and left this face mask for 30 minutes to achieve maximum affect. The value of this 15ml tube just falls short of £15 so it really is a luxurious little product!


Day Three
Precious Scented Shower Oil with golden shimmer by NUXE Paris 30ml
RRP £5.25 per 100ml

This is a golden little product (bad pun, I know). A shimmery golden liquid also packaged in gold gives this shower oil a really luxurious feel to it. I first used this after I had used my every day shower gel to create a nice shimmery finish to my skin. Being honest about the product, the only thing I wasn’t particularly raving over was the smell. It’s nice, but not my kind of scent but that’s just a personal preference! But, it did leave a really nice feel and appearance to my skin, particularly noticeable in my collar bone area so I will be definitely be using it all up!

FullSizeRender 149.jpg

Day Four
Advanced Rejuvenating Cream by Gatineau Paris 15ml 
RRP £172 per 100ml

Okay, so this is a really nice product and you can immediately tell that from the packaging to the consistency of the product and the way it feels on your face. Sadly, it isn’t suited to my skin as it was too rich in moisture and I think this is because it is aimed at ageing skin. However, the product is thick in consistency so can be used very sparingly – a full size product would last a very long time. Instead of feeling like you have a thin film of moisture sitting on your face like some moisturisers, this really feels like it sinks into your pores, consequently leaving your skin feeling very hydrated. The product itself is clearly very good – it’s just not suited to me! If you suffer from really dry and/or ageing skin – this is perfect for you! I will be passing this goodie on to mum, not that she needs it of course.

FullSizeRender 150.jpg

Day Five
Dragons Blood Sculpting Gel by Radial 15ml 
RRP £170 per 100ml

Firstly, I would just like to say I love the name of this product. In terms of what inside, it’s a really refreshing gel that is supposed to help plump out your skin – giving a more youthful appearance. Once again, I feel like this might be aimed at ageing skin. I can’t fairly judge whether it’s a good product for me or not yet from my first use today, but I’ve read online reviews that state Dragons Blood has helped even out the tone and texture of skin so I really look forward to using it properly. I love the packaging of the range and think it looks very appealing. This got me looking into the brand and I really want to try their XL Lip Plumper.

FullSizeRender 148.jpg

Overall, the first five days of the calendar has just made me more excited to open the rest of the boxes and I have to keep refraining myself from doing so! I am super impressed with the quality of the products inside. Not every product is going to be for everyone but so far I have been really impressed with what’s been inside. I love the opportunity to try new products and sharing what I think! Check my page on the 10th December to find out what’s in the next 5 houses and what I think of them!

Thanks for reading 🙂
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