Minimalistic, understated jewellery

We’ve entered December and Christmas is just about to hit us right between the eyes whether our bank balances are ready for it or not.

If you’re still looking for that gift for a special female, whether it be your mum, sister, niece or best friend – then Wanderlust Life Jewellery could be exactly what you’re looking for. Let’s not also forget that self love is very important so it might just be that you want to treat yourself – there is no harm in that. 

I’ve been wanting to write this blog post for a long time, ever since I was first introduced to this brand by my eldest sister a few years back when I received my first Wanderlust Life necklace as a gift from her.

The brand was created by one of her closest friends – Georgie Roberts, who channels her inner wanderlust to create minimalistic, classy and cultured jewellery products.

The company creates a kaleidoscopic collection of semi-precious gem stones, presented delicately on extremely fine chain and cord necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.

FullSizeRender 120
FullSizeRender 110
FullSizeRender 144
FullSizeRender 145

It’s the daintiness of the products that I fell in love with as they can be adapted to both casual and occasional wear.

From browsing through the online store and Instagram page, it is apparent that Georgie’s love of travel acts as the blank canvas to which her jewellery acts as the acrylic. The colour palettes of Wanderlust Life conjure images from the cool tones of the Mediterranean Sea to the wild and warm tones of the African landscape.

FullSizeRender 132
TIGER’S EYE STELLA ORB. Warm tones influenced by African travel.


FullSizeRender 134
BLUE TOPAZ. Cool tones inspired by the Ocean

Although inspired by the wonders of the globe, each product is handmade in a small coastal town in North Devon, here in the UK.


FullSizeRender 135.jpg
The Wanderlust Life studio and concept store in Ilfracombe, North Devon.

Aaaand… drum roll please.

As if this gorgeous bespoke jewellery wasn’t already too much to handle, Wanderlust Life have also recently branched out into stylish but functional homeware products. And they are, well, just beautiful!

FullSizeRender 146
FullSizeRender 147

The muted colours and simple designs of the products reflect the minimalistic image of the brand, producing some of the most stylish homeware pieces.

Other homeware products offered include vases and hanging pots.

So, it’s probably clear to you by now that I really rate this expanding brand. As someone who doesn’t wear much jewellery, these simple pieces are perfect for me. I am lucky enough to own some products which I received as gifts (so thank-you Charlotte – you’re the best!), which I cherish.

If you’re looking to purchase for someone else but are struggling to choose an item because they’re all just too good (I struggled selecting my favourite pieces for this post), then the company do offer gift vouchers. Wahoo!

I hope you have felt inspired in the same way that I do by this one of a kind brand and that it helps you channel your inner wanderlust. Happy shopping!

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