Christmas Wish List 2017

It’s that time of the year again – YAY!

I’ve seen Christmas Wish List blog posts everywhere at the moment, which inspired me to create my own! Although I would love anything on this list, this post is just for fun and shouldn’t be taken as a realistic representation of a Christmas list. The real reason behind the post is to inspire other people who are gift hunting and to share with other people some of the products that I love!

1. Snow Fairy range by Lush
I’m not exaggerating when I say that Snow Fairy by Lush is the nicest scent that my nose has had the pleasure of smelling. I anticipate the return of Snow Fairy every year and I am so excited that it is finally back in Lush stores for Christmas 2017! Alongside snow fairy gift sets, Lush offer: bath bombs, shower gel and body conditioner in this super sweet scent.

FullSizeRender 98IMG_9083

2. Marc Jacob Daisy
This perfume is my all time favourite because it’s floral, light and fresh (I promise it has nothing to do with the name of it). Other perfumes that I would love to unwrap under the tree include: Paco Rabanne Lady Million, Vera Wang Lovestruck, Marc Jacob Decadence and the list could go on.

FullSizeRender 100

3. Soap and Glory
As my favourite affordable makeup brand, I love anything Soap and Glory! (Read about their new super cool new holographic and metallic lipgloss shades here). Boots bring out some amazing gift sets (both makeup and bath/shower) around Christmas time that work out at really great value, especially if purchased in the Boots 3 for 2 Christmas gift set offer which can be mixed and matched across brands.

FullSizeRender 103.jpg

4. Converse
I used to own a pair of black converse and I wore them until they literally fell off my feet. They are so versatile and go with ANYTHING so I definitely need another pair in the near future!

FullSizeRender 101.jpg

5. Watch
One thing I don’t own is a watch and to be honest I know I am missing out. There are so many nice ones out there, I struggle to pick one! But I do like designs from Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs.

FullSizeRender 104FullSizeRender 105

6. Contacts Book 
As a Journalist student, it is important to keep a contacts book so I am in need of a practical but stylish contacts book. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a stationery nerd (read my back to uni stationery haul here) and nothing makes me happier than a new notepad. Good places to find stationery include: Paperchase, Coconut-lane, Skinny Dip and Wilko’s.

FullSizeRender 106.jpg

7. Skinny Dip
As the owner of a fluffy pencil case, bag and coat, I think I’ve come to the realisation that I’ve got a bit of an obsession with fluffy things this winter and Skinny Dip, believe it or not, sell some incredible fluffy things. I currently own a holographic laptop case and shrimp phone case (see below) by Skinny Dip and I can’t wait to grow my collection with some of the stationery and makeup bags that they offer.

IMG_9099FullSizeRender 99

8. The Body Shop Coconut Range 
Although coconut fragrances are often associated with summer, I still can’t get enough of them in winter because they just smell too good. The Body Shop does an amazing coconut range that I have always been a massive fan of.
Read my post on where you can buy Body Shop products for lower than RRP.

FullSizeRender 107.jpg

The list could go on and on and on… 

Hopefully this has provided some gift inspiration for people this Christmas. If you’ve made your own Christmas Wishlist blog post – link it below – I would love to read them!

Thankyou for reading x



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