Nude, Holographic and Metallic LIPS

Bourjois, Rouge Velvet Matte, Shade 01

Does anyone else find themselves with at least three of the same colour lipstick from different brands because you just can’t resist being drawn to the same kind of colour? Same.

I ended up buying another matte nude lipstick yesterday – Bourjois, Rouge Velvet Matte in Shade 01.

My ultimate matte nude lipstick will always be Soap and Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker in shade Super Nude. I have been using it for years and it is the only lipstick that I have ran out of and actually replaced repeatedly.

However, I fancied trying out a new one so I gave Bourjois a shot.


Untitled design-10Bourjois are not lying when they claim to provide a high pigmented matte finish that lasts all day with this product.

When using mattifying lipsticks, it is common for lips to feel dry after application however I haven’t struggled with this problem yet like I have with other brands.

It also has a tear drop shape resulting in a highly precise application!

Feeling a little bit guilty for not repurchasing my favourite from Soap and Glory, I did invest in two of their products from their new and exciting lip range (see below).

Spectaculips Galactic Glaze, Holographic Lipgloss, Starship Silver

Soap and Glory have just released three holographic lip glosses: Starship Silver, Blaze of Glory and Back to the Fuchsia.

These long lasting, non sticky iridescent lip glosses are exactly what I’ve been missing in my makeup bag without even realising it.

Although initially I was drawn to Blaze of Glory (peachy coloured), I purchased Starship Silver (white/clear) as I can use this over the top of any lip colour to make it iridescent.

IMG_8767IMG_8768.JPGdr. adrien g. watson

Spectaculips, Matte-alic Lip Cream, Shade Bronze Girl

And last but not least, Soap and Glory’s metallic lip cream in shade Bronze Girl. I’ve always wanted to try out the metallic lip trend and I’ve finally got round to it.

I was pleasantly surprised with how nice this product actually feels.

The cream is velvety soft and once again, doesn’t dry out your lips at all. In fact, it feels rather nourishing. And talk about long-lasting, I struggled to get this stuff off – it took me at least 5 minutes of scrubbing with a makeup wipe. I guess this is a good thing, just make sure you have some carmex or vaseline at the ready.

They offer two other shades: Gold Dusk and Pink Charming.

IMG_8764IMG_8765dr. adrien g. watson-2.jpg

Daisy x





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