Eye Makeup Inspiration: AMBER ROUGHLEY MUA

Amber is a fully qualified makeup artist based in Teignmouth, Devon. She has a rapidly growing social media following and deserves even more recognition for her work so check her Instagram and her dedicated MUA Facebook page.

You can also contact her on ch4nel@icloud.com.

I’m doing this post because 1. Amber produces some gorgeous eye makeup looks and 2. I take pleasure in supporting people I know achieve their goals!

I’ve lifted my favourite looks that she’s done from her Instagram to give you guys a taster only. 

She’s even been regrammed by the makeup brand Revolution as she nailed an eyeshadow look with their Life on the Dance floor – After Party Eyeshadow Palette which gained over 20,000 likes!

FullSizeRender 70.jpg

So here are a few of my favourites that Amber has created to date. What I love is that her work ranges from natural nude looks, glitter looks to theatrical makeup, so in that sense she is very adaptable. Enjoy the photographs and don’t forget to like and follow her on social media, where you will find all the products she used!

FullSizeRender 92FullSizeRender 76FullSizeRender 94FullSizeRender 93FullSizeRender 90FullSizeRender 85FullSizeRender 81FullSizeRender 79FullSizeRender 80FullSizeRender 82FullSizeRender 78FullSizeRender 75FullSizeRender 72FullSizeRender 74FullSizeRender 73FullSizeRender 83FullSizeRender 84FullSizeRender 71FullSizeRender 77

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