TOP 2 Halloween Makeup Looks

ONE WEEK TILL HALLOWEEN! I’ve been having some fun creating two different Halloween makeup looks – I created a Time-lapse (if you’re reading this on email the time-lapse won’t show) for each look to make it easier to see the steps I took. But I will attempt to explain without dragging it out too much!

Circus Clown


  • I started off my applying my foundation, concealer and powder as I normally would. I then lightly dabbed some white face paint on the areas of my face that I would highlight (nose, chin, forehead)
  • I went ahead and contoured with Benefit’s Hoola. I then added some of this matte bronzer around my eyes and on the sides of my nose to create a gaunt look. I think the key here is to use a matte bronzer, nothing shimmery
  • I did my eyebrows a shade darker than I normally would, using the Revolution Brow palette in Light – Medium (I used the darkest shade in this). I then went ahead and drew the spikes above my eyebrows and filled them in. For this I used a black lipstick by Barry M and used a lip brush for precision application
  • I added some coppery-red eyeshadow in my eye crease – I used a combination of the red colours from my Revolution – Life On The Dance Floor palette
  • I then applied winged liquid eyeliner, mascara and kohl eyeliner in the same way I normally would
  • I continued to draw and fill in the spikes under my eyes in the same technique as before and used concealer around the edges to give them a clean finish.
  • I applied a deep red lipstick (GOSH – cinnamon)
  • I outlined this with black lipstick and extended my lips using the same technique with the black lipstick to create the scary smile
  • I blended the black and red together by applying a bit more red lipstick over the top!

‘Shot In The Head’ Zombie:


  • I applied my face and eye makeup as usual to my face (I already had makeup on from that day – so I just touched it up). Foundation, concealer, mascara etc.
  • I lightly dabbed some white face paint across the left side of my face
  • I then used the two shades on the end right of the In the City Natural Nudes palette by W7. Images of these shades feature in another one of my posts. 
  • I applied these where you would normally contour (under cheekbones, top of forehead near hairline and the side nose) and around my eyes to create a gaunt look
  • I then applied a thick circle of liquid latex on my forehead where the shot wound was going to be – and I also applied a thin layer to my cheek. I started to apply some fake blood over the liquid latex on my cheek by dabbing a powder brush – then dried both with a hairdryer
  • I then used tweezers to pick a hole in the middle of the shot wound on the forehead and to pick away at my cheek. I then went ahead and applied another layer of liquid latex on my cheek and proceeded to dry with a hairdryer. Layering is a good technique to create a gash effect because it creates a lot of excess latex which can mimic torn skin (which is the look I was going for with my cheek)
  • I applied fake blood around the shot wound on my forehead, using a powder brush once again, and filled the hole I had created with dark red eyeshadow (Revolution Life On The Dance Floor palette)
  • I then proceeded to do the same step above with my cheek gash. I picked away to create a gash mark and then filled in with dark red eyeshadow.
  • As you may notice in the video, I applied some black lipstick on half of my face but I eventually decided against this so removed it
  • I then did a final touch up by deepening the contour on my face with the darker shades from the In the City palette on the same areas as before.
  • I added some black kohl eyeliner – Crazy, Sexy, Kohl by Soap and Glory – on my waterline.
  • Finally, I applied fake blood to the middle of my wounds!


Hope this gave some people some inspiration!

Tomorrows challenge: Skincare routine

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