Blogtober, Day 11: If I Was An Animal, What Would I Be?

When deciding how to approach this post, I found it difficult to pin myself to one animal so I decided to use a BuzzFeed quiz to help me. Click on the link to try out the quiz yourself!

1. What about me is most animal like? Appetite, loyalty, sex drive, temper, playfulness, innocence? I can relate to a lot of these qualities about myself being animal like, but having  to pick just one I went with playfulness. 

2. Chose one of these terrifying deep sea fish? Viperfish, Goblin Shark, Blob-fish, Angler-fish, Stargazer, Gulper Eel? Well, looking at the photos, they’re all pretty weird looking but I went with Goblin Shark. I actually find the Blob-fish rather cute. 

3. My preferred habitat? Land, air or sea? As said in my last post, it’s definitely not air. I’m going to go with land. 

4. Chose a Disney house cat? Cheshire cat, Lucifer, Rufus, Dinah, Duchess, Figaro? I would have chosen Marie from the Aristocats if there had been an option, so I’ll go with her mum Duchess. 

5. What’s my biggest pet peeve? Shedding, picky-eating, scratching, pooping indoors, spontaneous noises, refusing to bathe? Out of these, I went for pooping indoors. 

6. Which animal adjective describes my love life? Wild, playful, domestic, nocturnal, shy, extinct? Wild probably. 

7. Do you prefer the company of animals or people? It depends on on the person or people, But generally I would prefer to be surrounded by loads of animals than people.


MY RESULT: SLOTH. You are super chill and easygoing. You like to take life one day at a time, and never sweat the small stuff. You’re also relaxed and know how to keep a level head in any situation.

This made me laugh because it was one of the animals that actually sprung to mind when I was thinking what animal I would compare myself to – purely because I know they love sleeping a lot.
I would like to say I am easygoing, which has positives and negatives – it can mean I am very indecisive sometimes. But when it comes to plans and arrangements, I’m always happy to fit in with whatever and just go with the flow. I would say I am super-chill in some ways, but can also be very hyperactive at times. I have learnt over the past few years to take life one day at a time, instead of worrying about the future and things that are beyond my control. I used to be a massive worrier of what would happen, instead of focusing on living in the moment. 

After googling the general characteristics of a sloth, I came across this article: 23 Signs Your Spirit Animal Is A Sloth which made me laugh so much, because it is exactly me. Some of my favourites from the article are;

  • When people talk about the passions they have in life, it often occurs to you that the only thing that gives you such immense, thrilling bursts of that kind of pleasure is taking an afternoon nap. (I am a queen napper)
  • It’s not even a question of “if” you will have your sloth house party, it is simply a question of when
  • You hate running
  • Your favorite cuddling position is just hanging onto the side of your partner like they’re an oversized tree branch
  • Eating in bed will always hold a special place in your heart. (Always)
  • If someone fucks with your sleep cycle, the wrath they will suffer will be unmatched by anything in modern society. No one messes with your precious REMs. (Never heard anything more true. In my dad’s speech at my sisters wedding he referred to me as sleeping beauty as I need at least eight hours to be fully functional – I can be ratty when I am super tired)
  • Weekends are for sleeping as much as you want, and anyone who gets all judgy about it needs to go fly away with the rest of the birds (that one is aimed at you mum) 
  • All you really want to do is hug (HUGS ARE THE BEST!)Tomorrows challenge: Favourite holiday I’ve been on

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